Kosher Food at Sobey’s Ira Needles

At Sobey’s on Ira Needles Boulevard

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Available now:
* Chai Chickens
* Cheese
* Challah
* Pareve Bread

More on its way!!!

More information about Kosher Food at Ira Needle’s Sobey’s

I went there on Sunday 27 November and Mr. John Vandervoort was kind enough to show me where all the kosher food is:

  1. Frozen chicken from Chai in a freezer cabinet in the meat section opposite the fresh meet department. The words “Kosher Meats” are written on the glass door of the freezer cabinet.

  2. Cheese from Haolam in the refrigerater cabinet among dairy foods in Aisel 1.

  3. Frozen kosher breads, including sliced parve white bread and uncooked challot in a freezer cabinet in what would be Aisle 9 if it had a number, near the frozen cakes and pies.

    Mr. Vandervoort said that there will be MORE starting next Thursday 1 December in each of these categories PLUS

  4. Dry goods in among the international and ethnic foods in Aisle 7.