Possible Tours of Morocco With Jewish Flavors

This spring, I experienced a most amazing trip to the south of Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains and Sahara Desert. I also met the indigenous people called Berbers (Amazigh) who have a history parallel to our First Nations.

The Berber/Amazigh guide was truly incredible, and has decided to provide these tours as a non-profit endeavour to provide employment for his people as well as a personalized experienced for tourists, simply not possible though larger companies. Like a university course that includes personal connections with the people only a native guide can provide.

Actually discovered some intriguing Jewish threads in the Berber history, deeply influenced by Jews in early caravan routes and after the 1492 expulsion from Spain. This guide has a Jewish grandfather. I have been assisting with some volunteer editing (still in progress), so have a personal interest in seeing their project take off.

If you or anyone you know has ever considered visiting Morocco (very safe), just check his website and you’ll see what I’m saying: http://magical-morocco.com/en/

Carol McMullen

There is another possibility, albeit not non-profit, that offers a Jewish Heritage tour. It is Travel Exploration, owned by Alecia Cohen. See http://www.travel-exploration.com/tour.cfm/Jewish-Heritage-Tour. I have taken the one-day Marrakesh version, and it was good.

I agree with Carol on the safety of at least Marrakesh.

Daniel Berry