Merchants to Help Members

The subpages of this page describe various services, some commercial and others not, that can be useful for Temple Shalom members. For example, the first of the subpages is titled “Kosher Food In Waterloo Region”. It lists various commercial food suppliers, supermarkets, and specialty stores, that sell (for their profit) kosher food, perhaps among their other products.

We will create specialized subpages and we will list any organization providing the service relevant to any subpage, as a service to Temple Shalom members, so long as the Temple Board is persuaded of the subpage’s or the organization’s relevance to the Temple membership.

If you are a service provider, commercial or otherwise, and wish to have your service listed in these pages, send a proposal and an announcement to The proposal and announcement will be evaluated by the Temple Board for its relevance to Temple members. The decision of the Board is final.

That said, note that, as we say in our weekly bulletin, Temple Shalom provides announcements from other organizations as a service to its members. Temple Shalom neither endorses nor accepts any responsibility for any offered service.