Oneg Hosting Guidelines

A great way to volunteer at the Temple and to honour a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or baby naming, is to host a kiddush (oneg Shabbat) after the Shabbat service on a Saturday. The kiddushim are held at 12:00 noon, immediately following the Shabbat morning service and Religious School classes, allowing everyone to celebrate the Shabbat together as a community.

For available dates or to sign up, please contact Daniel Berry at Please also indicate if this is being held in honour of a special occasion.

For ideas on what to bring and what is expected of a volunteer, please visit In particular, you are expected to clean up the community room and any dishes you use, to turn out the lights, and to lock the Temple door on your way out. Of course, do ask those attending the kiddush to help you with the clean up. If you are not sure about how to do any of these shut down tasks, ask any Temple officer that is attending. In particular, it’s easy to lock up without having a key!

Remember, that your expenses for hosting a kiddush are tax-deductable charitable expenses. Save your receipts and show them to the treasurer, who will issue an official receipt during the tax season.

Download the Oneg Shabbat Responsibility Guidelines.