Getting High Holy Day Tix

The simplest way to get tickets to attend services at Temple Shalom on the High Holy Days is to become a member of the Temple. For details on how to join, membership dues, and forms, please go to the Membership page. Please read it, follow the directions to download the membership form, fill the form out and send it along with the correct number of cheques to Temple Shalom at The Cedars,
543 Beechwood Drive,
Waterloo, Ontario N2T 2S8.

Once a family has joined, all of its members automatically get tickets for all High Holy Day services. Normally, it is best to join at least a half month before Rosh Hashana to ensure that your membership application is processed in time to receive tickets for Rosh Hashana.

If for some reason, you cannot or do not wish to become members of the Temple, then another possibility for getting High Holy Day tickets is to purchase High Holy Day tickets. The fees for these tickets, which depend on the number of people desiring tickets and the number of services to attend, are:

  • Adult, RH or YK–$80.00
  • Adult, both RH and YK–$140.00
  • 2 people, RH or YK–$140.00
  • 2 people, both RH and YK–$240.00
  • Family, RH or YK–$180.00
  • Family, both RH and YK–$280.00
  • Full-Time Student, both RH and YK–$36.00

If during the same Hebrew year, you later choose to become a member, then your paid fee is applied towards your membership dues.

To request these tickets, please send e-mail to Please also see the page about adding names to the Yizkor list read on YK Afternoon at In your request for tickets, please list the names that you want read.

All fees and dues are eligible for charitable receipts and you will receive a charitable receipt during February of any year for the amounts actually paid during the previous calendar year. That is, each post-dated cheque is considered paid in the year of its cheque-cashing date.

If you are visiting the Waterloo Region from elsewhere during the High Holy Days, you may be eligible for free tickets under reciprocity among synagogues. Basically, you will need your home synagogue certify in writing that you are a paid up member or are otherwise entitled to High Holy Day tickets there and to request a ticket for you under reciprocity among synagogues. For more information, send e-mail to