Shalom TV on Rogers channel 800

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to inform you that Shalom TV, North America’s National Jewish Cable Television Network, is a new presence in our community on Rogers Multicultural On Demand Channel 800.

Shalom TV is a mainstream, independent and non-profit Jewish network devoted to strengthening Jewish life in America. I am writing this email in the hope that you will place the attached information about Shalom TV in your next bulletin or email.

Here are five reasons why I believe Shalom TV will be a positive addition to our community:

  1. Shalom TV’s broad array of programming for Jews of all ages includes:

    Jewish Film Festival (Israeli films, documentaries and Yiddish classics)
    Shalom TV Kids (delightful and educational children’s programs)
    Israel (news, interviews and travelogues)
    92ndStreet Y Cultural Programs (exclusively on Shalom TV)
    Panel Discussions (variety of perspectives on news and issues facing Jewish life)
    Major Jewish Figures (all sectors of the world Jewish community)
    Event Coverage (major addresses, conventions, rallies, Israel Parade)
    Jewish Studies (Hebrew, Jewish 101, Talmud Study, Kabbalah, Torah Study)
    Jewish Music, Entertainment and Cooking

  2. Shalom TV is FREE “On Demand,” so programs can be watched conveniently at any time. New programs are added every Sunday morning.

  3. Shalom TV can strengthen the commitment to Jewish life in your community by supplementing your own stimulating, educational and cultural activities.

  4. Rabbis and Jewish community leaders of every movement have welcomed Shalom TV throughout North America because Shalom TV helps further their own mission.

  5. Tens of thousands of Jews have been enjoying programs on Shalom TV that are not available elsewhere. We have received hundreds of letters from delighted, grateful viewers of all ages and from all sectors of the Jewish community.

There is something wonderful about there finally being a Jewish network on North American television that represents the best of Jewish life.

Reb Yosil Rosenzweig
Beth Jacob Congregation – Kitchener, ON

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