Kiddush Hosts Are Needed

We need hosts for the kiddush or oneg shabbat on the following service dates:

25 Jan  

 01 Feb  
 08 Feb  
 22 Feb  
 29 Feb  

 28 Mar  

 04 Apr  
 18 Apr  
 25 Apr  

 02 May  
 09 May  
 23 May  
 30 May  

Hosting a kiddush is an excellent way to honor a memorable event such as a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a yahrzeit, etc.

If you would like to host one, please send e-mail to with possible dates. The first to request a specific date gets it.

The expenses for hosting a kiddush constitute a donation to the Temple. Save your receipts.

Please see for guidelines about what to do and to bring.

Please be advised, to avoid disappointment, when hosting an Oneg you should plan on bringing whatever disposable cups, plates, and utensils that will be needed if you do not wish to use and *wash the reusable kitchenware that the Cedars owns.*

Please note that as an Oneg host, you are responsible for set up and clean up. The oneg table should be prepared by 12:00 noon with juice (poured in cups) and at least one chalah covered. In addition to food, it needs plates, utensils, and napkins. After the oneg, the community room and kitchen need to be completely cleaned, floor swept, tables wiped, sink empty and all dishes put away; they will be used by other groups during the week. Thank you!

Thank you

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