Save the Dates for the 2017-18 Temple Shalom Shabbat Potluck Series

Temple Shalom 2017-18 Shabbat Potluck Series
The Potluck Fun Has Just Begun!
Save the Dates!

For each, RSVP to August at with the number of people attending and the ovo-lacto vegetarian item you will be bringing.

Friday November 3 – 6:00PM
Friday December 15 – 6:00PM
Saturday December 16 (Lunch)
Friday January 19 – 6:00PM
Friday February 9 – 6:00PM
Friday March 2 (Family Potluck) – 6:00PM
Saturday March 3 (Ault Purim Event – No Potluck) – 7:00PM
Friday April 13 – 6:00PM
Friday May 11 – 6:30PM

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