Engineering Mini Challot for Shabbat for Small Families

Those who do not have many mouths to feed in their homes may appreciate this little bit of food engineering to save from wasting a lot of good challah to have challot on shabbat.

I feed only two at home. A normal challah is too big, and there is only so much French toast I can make in a lifetime. When I go to Israel, I notice that hotels get and serve mini-challot, just the right size for one or two people. I thought that I should try to duplicate this at home.

Last Friday, when I had finally defrosted a frozen challah that I bought at Sobey’s, I tried cutting it into 8 equal-weight pieces. The two end pieces are a little longer than the pieces from the middle. I let each of these pieces lay on its side and rise the prescribed 4 hours, and each piece doubled in size. Then I baked them in an oven preheated as instructed. However, instead of requiring 30-35 minutes, the smaller pieces required only 15-20 minutes to be cooked properly.

I used one for that evening and froze the rest, each to be taken out for a different shabbat meal.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Note that if a 1/8 piece is too large or too small for your purposes, use a different fraction. Nu? You may have to adjust the cooking time.


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